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IDC Technology Spotlight on the Importance and Value of the Flex Appliance


Access the full IDC Technology Spotlight here: Simplifying Data Protection with Next-Generation Conv...

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.04.13 AM.pngKEY TAKEAWAYS

Flex Appliance may be the most important product announcement by Veritas since the company split from Symantec some years ago.

Flex Appliance is a new architecture designed specifically for modern data protection workloads. It also offers an important bridge back to NetBackup environments that should provide this large group of users a logical and simple path forward.

Veritas is among the first major vendors to move into this rapidly emerging and growing product category. It does so with the clear advantage of a large, receptive installed base and with credibility built on its successful NetBackup appliance.

Flex Appliance's microservices architecture is also built to address the
diverse data protection and management needs of specific business
units and applications. Thus, as a single system, it can simultaneously
provide consolidated data protection operations with the ability to deliver microservices on a best-in-class basis for specific workloads.

We believe that Flex Appliance may be the key to Veritas retaining its market-leading position in the data protection and recovery market.

More on the Flex Appliance here: Veritas Flex Appliance