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Resolved! Oracle upgrade on veritas cluster 5.1 SP1

Hi ,   We are planning to upgrade oracle from to on windows 2008 environment. We have SAP Portal Ehp1 for that uses this database. both the SAP and oracle group are clustered with the VCS version 5.1 SP1 over 2 nodes. Would like to ...

sreek by Level 2
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Resolved! Unable to configure appha on vmguest after installation.

Hi, I've just finished installing the AppHA guest component on a RHEL 6 platform.   However in my AppHA console in the AppHA tab is says "unable to retrieve status of this virtual machine" The log is as follows   18:54:40 UTC+0800: Debug Logs 18:54...

valor88 by Level 3
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IP Configuration

Hi Expert, Is it possible to configure 1 VIP with two gateways. The network design is as below. 1- Redundancy between OLM server for the VIP. 2- If GW-1 is down traffic should shift to GW-2 with same VIP. As per network here engineer it is ...

amit_biet by Not applicable
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Resolved! HA Notifier

Hi all, I've tried to configure the Cluster Notifier. Ok, I just needed to reconfigure it with a new IP and it was already setup. How can I test it now? I have tried to simulate a failed login and I can see the result in the engine_A.log: 2013/02/19 ...

AppHA Services were disabled after installation

Hi there , I deployed AppHA on one of the VM today, but I noticed that the AppHA services were "disabled" after installation. I check "hastatus", it shown that could not connect to VCS engine. Anyone face this issue before ? Please help. Cheer Eric Y...

EricYCK by Level 4
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Resolved! cluster

NBU 7.1 Linux OS   I have NBU installed in clusters on server A and server B.Virtual name is uv123. I just wanna know how I will I stop NBU services : On node A ,so that control does not go to node BOn node A ,so that control does  to node BWhat will...

nike_new by Level 6
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Resolved! Missing VCS ""Agents

Need help/ advice on how to recover missing   System Info OS RHEL 6.1VCS Version 5.1 rp3 Objective To enable VVR in VCS-GCO environmentDuring the process of creating RVG for VVR Service Group; I  found that   Done the following Checks (i)...

Resolved! VMwareDisks error

I installed SVS 6.0.1 on my server and update VRTSvcsag to version 6.0.2. Then i configured VMwareDisks resource in VMwareDisks VMwareDisks1 (                 ESXDetails = { "" = "root=ISIuJWlWLwPOiWKuM" }                ...

Weny by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS AutoStartList ungracefully failover part2

I have two system cms-app-49-51 and cms-app-49-52 that I have been testing an ungraceful shutdown between systems (hard power off) After failing over from cms-app-49-52 to cms-app-49-51 I brought cms-app-49-52 back up and cleared all error (or so I t...

mkruer by Level 4
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On/Off agent or perhaps trigger

Hello, I encountered following problem: my customer's application is integrated in VCS (running on linux) - in one of many service groups (SGs). The application is in VCS implemented via Application agent type of resource - it contains scripts for br...

Ivo_Kovac by Level 2
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Resolved! Oracle 12c agent monitorprocess??

hello all, i'm stuck here, cannot get the service group to online with this new version of oracle oem.  with the old 11g, the application setting in our file for monitorprocess was set to the oracle emagent process, which was c-based.  this n...

Resolved! Service group concurrency violation

I have two groups for the VCS cluster, App_Cluster & App_Notifier setup in an active/passive setup. The App_Notifier runs the vcs notifer server and send out e-mail on Error level events. The App_Cluster contains all the service to be monitored. Ever...

mkruer by Level 4
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Resolved! Native httpd monitoring by AppicationHA on RHEL 5.8

Hi, I have configured Apache monitoring with Application on RHEL 5.8. This server runs /usr/sbin/httpd and the coniguration file is /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. However AppHA alway report that "Apache HTTP server with Config file [/etc/httpd/conf/http...

Resolved! what is gab seeding ?

Hi ALL , Can somebody explain me the GAB seeding 1.As per GAB seeding i understand that once the node is seeded only we can run VCS on that node. GAB automatically seeds nodes under the following conditions: An unseeded node communicates with a se...

shiv124 by Level 4
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Resolved! installing srm AFTER ha console

i have already installed in a production env symantec ha console (and various agents, of course). now the customer wants to install and use also vmware srm, is ti possible to add the module for symantec ha console, OR is better to start from scatch? ...

mgambetti by Level 4
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