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Are you using Yahoo Mail as your primary contact email or email client for receiving Connect notifications and find that a lot of your messages are being delivered to the Spam folder?

Yahoo is inconsistent - messages from Connect will be delivered to your Inbox AND to your Spam folder. Just to be on the safe side, check that Spam folder to see what's piling up in there. It can't all be cheap pharmaceuticals!

yahoo spam 1.png

Creating a filter that will deliver your Connect messages to the Inbox is a simple task - then you won't need to check your Spam folder for our messages ever again!

First you need to start with a message from us that has landed in your Spam folder that you know is a legitimate Connect message. Go right ahead and open it. It never hurts to add us to your Contacts list but don't get distracted - we're creating a Filter.

Open your Spam Folder and look for a message from Connect - it could be a notification or a newsletter.

yahoo spam 2.png

Open any one of these messages and then choose the "More..." icon

yahoo spam 3.png

A drop down menu will open with a list of options. Choose "Filter Email Like This..."

yahoo spam 4.png

A box will open allowing you to customize your filter

yahoo spam 5.png

All you need to do is choose "Inbox" in the drop down menu under "Then move the message to" and click "Save"

Unlike Gmail, messages currently in your Spam folder that would be affected by this filter won't be delivered to your inbox. It only applies to messages delivered after the filter has been created. You're still going to have to crawl through your spam folder looking for important messages.


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