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Go Beyond Backup & Recovery

Level 1

Disaster recovery is ever-present in the minds of data center leaders, and it should be. While not all data centers are bombarded with daily DDOS and ransomware attacks, the reality remains that no company is immune to threat. Backup and recovery can provide some protection for these cases, but the restore process is often long and tedious and necessitates collaboration between individuals across an organization, like Backup and Virtualization Administrators, DBA’s, and IT leadership. It could even require recovering data from tapes locked away offsite or in cloud locations, commanding time and money.

This is where organizations need to go beyond basic backup and recovery. With Veritas, organizations can automate the recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures, with a focus on the Application or OS (physical or virtual) layers. Veritas has a platform to distribute architecture for disaster recovery with the ability to independently scale specific components when necessary—regardless of whether the data resides on-premises or in the cloud.

Continuity teamed with performance

Not only does Veritas provide infrastructure for orchestrating disaster recovery, including the ability to test policies without affecting the production environment, but we also deliver a solution for organizations with stringent tier0 & tier1 requirements, guaranteeing mission-critical applications see zero downtime, examples of these applications could be listed in this graphic below or in the following 3 categories:

Figure 1: Applications supported by VeritasFigure 1: Applications supported by Veritas

  • Primary Structured Data Sets
    • Highest levels of demand and scrutiny
    • Examples include Oracle, SQL, WebSphere, etc.
  • Applications directly tied to mission-critical services and/or revenue generation
    • Stock Price, Competitiveness, & SLA’s
    • Life critical components
  • Applications establishing a company’s outbound presence
    • Brand perception
    • Signals company’s position as a thought leader

For many organizations, business continuity is not just a question of whether an application is running—it must perform optimally. Veritas provides a single performance management framework to increase or decrease provisioning when needed, ensuring increased production infrastructure efficiency and reducing overall costs. Think complete infrastructure abstraction—a means to provide high availability and resiliency across all major applications, databases, and platforms.

It’s likely your organization uses a multitude of applications across a mixture of platforms, with a diverse set of values for each individual component. Veritas can empower your IT team to manage both clustered and non-clustered workloads and perform migrations of multi-tiered applications—with real-time visibility—for increased availability, performance, and improved disaster readiness.