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April 7th, 2014: Symantec today announces a new release of Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor, a risk monitoring and notification solution for heterogeneous high availability and disaster recovery environments.
Having a dependable business continuity plan is more important than ever in today's super competitive environment, with organizations facing potential revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction as a result of unplanned downtime. Symantec understands the need for comprehensive business continuity solutions that help minimize unplanned downtime in our customers' environments, and Disaster Recovery Advisor is a key solution that our customers rely on in their data centers.

New features included in this release:

  • User-defined role and privilege configuration - Disaster Recovery Advisor management console now allows primary administrators to defined granual roles and privileges for secondary administrators and other users, based on job functionality. This limits views and privileges to users based on the business services they are entitled to have access to.
  • New platform support for EMC Isilon, EMC Data Domain, NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager



Learn more about Disaster Recovery Advisor here.

Watch the Webcast featuring Disaster Recovery Advisor covered by Dylon Mills, Technical Product Manager, and Rachel Dines, Forrester Analyst -
Reducing Unplanned Downtime in an Always-On World