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PDVFSService runs a single thread ?

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I've been taking a look at the Backup Exec 3600 appliances, and I found out that (apparently?) the PDVFSService runs a single thread, meaning that although the appliance is quad core, sometimes the service peaks at 25% (in task manager) but never crosses that boundary, meaning it must be using single thread process?


I'm currently looking deeper into this behaviour, but it seemed to peak during "updating catalogs" phase. Although most of the time the service is not even peaking, it does seem like a waste if it running in a single thread, correct? Updating catalogs is heavy, particularly on systems with huge amount of info (exchange, etc), so it looks to me like that would be a lot to gain at that stage if this was improved/corrected... ?


Again, this is not a "I need a fix" question, but it does seem (to me at least) like a clear case of something to improve, the sooner the better. Let me know your thoughts on this.






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To get better attention for this improvement idea you might want to post it in the Idea section of the Forum.  To view Ideas click on the drop down under Forums at the top and to add your Idea select Create Content and select Idea.