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reinstalling symantec BE 3600

Im new with symantec Backup and would like a step by step guide.I work for a company and My symantec BE 3600 appliance crushed.It cannot boot anymore so I reformated it and installed back windows server storage standard 2008 which i thought was the O...

BE 16 for 3600?

Seeing that the BE3600 will only reach EOSL in 2018, does anyone know if BE16 software will be released for the appliance? (I have reached out to Product Management as well...) 

Marianne by Level 6
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Backup exec appliance OS crashed

Dear all, Im new to symantec and Im a system engineer for an oil and gas company.I need your thoughts and ideas on a problem Im facing.I have a symantec BE 3600 appliance which has OS windows server storage 2008 standard os.Recently,I cannot access ...

Resolved! BE3600 Upgrade preparation

Hi folks, My company has 1 CAS and 1 MMS BE3600 appliances in two different sites and I'm now working on the upgrade preparation from R2 to R3 and later to R4. I know from this article the recommended sequence. However, a couple of questions come up...

JPoon by Level 4
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Increasing Storage

Greetings to the well of knowledge... I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I don't think I've heard an answer to this one: Understanding that the storage would need to be reconfigured and that the current backup sets would be lost, can th...

KACJR by Level 3
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Backup Exec 2015 Cloud Backup

Good Day, I am using Backup Exec 2015 and would like to implement backups to the cloud. I would some suggestions as to the best solution. I was thinking about using Backup Exec cloud connector for Microsoft Azure. I wanted to know what is the best an...

Upgrading Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4

Hi! Attempting to upgrade a Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4. Starting the upgrade with Upgrade-Appliance in a remote powershell window. After a few seconds the workstation log me out and nothing seems to happen. Trying to start he upgrade again only ...

datamg by Not applicable
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Resolved! BE 3600 Upgrading: CASO first? or MMS?

Hello, I am preparing to upgrading my 2 appliances: 1 CASO and 1 MMS, which one should I deal with first? CASO or MMS? And anything I should back up beforehand, e.g. the whole Catalog directory, any job settings, etc.? After the upgrade, do I need...

JPoon by Level 4
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Error 0xe0008105 on Cataloging Job

Good Day. Backup Exec 2015 , 14.2 1180.2113 We have problem on wrong showing in Backup Exec storage free space and Phisical disk free space (less 500Gb) I try run job Cataloging on Appliance Dedupe storage, but job stopping after 6 hours on Error ...

Resolved! Directory or File Not Found

I have a Backup Exec Appliance running Backup Exec 2014. It is backing up multiple Windows Servers and SQL databases. Everything is being backed up fine except for one server. This particular server is running Windows Server 2008R2 and has SQL 2008R2...

Resolved! No Boot After Clean Installation

I attempted to install a clean installation of 3600 R2 on an existing appliance using the USB key. The installation completed as expected, but it will not boot. The display is black with a blinking cursor in the Left Upper corner.    

Dan_A1 by Level 4
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WebUI issue with BE3600

Hi, I did a Liveupdate yesterday and it did 100 Windows updates and BEX SP2 and Hotfix 227745.  Now when I log into the WebUI, the manage tab fails and many of the settings tabs have empty data.  It's a server 2008 R2 OS.  I am in process of upgradin...

Backup Exec Appliance 3600. Dedup device is offline

Hi,   I happens from time to time that Backup Exec 3600 Appliance stop working.   Normally , a reboot and/or restart of services will fix the problem. We have done it several times, and it fix the problem each time. Almost.   Last year we had a sim...

FBU by Level 2
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