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Restore job hanging: Status: Running, Current Operation: Restore

Level 2

Earlier today I restored several files and the jobs ran successfully and went perfectly. However, now I started to select several other non-contiguous files to restore in our large directory structure and the restore jobs just hang there doing nothing.

Many times they sit there at zero files restored/0% and sometimes they jump ahead to 44% or 16% or something showing that it's restored several files but I can see that it hasn't restored those files and then it hangs at that percentage. I allowed the restore jobs to sit for 2 1/2 hours waiting for it to continue but I finally canceled them.

I also tried modifying them to restore to another location in case the destination it was attempting to go to was busy or something but that didn't work either.  Finally, I rebooted my 3600 appliance and still nothing.

I don't understand why it's taking so long. We do have a very large file structure and I'm trying to restore over top of the files that are there. Is it possible it's taking all this time to traverse the file structure?


Level 2

No answers in three days but I'm thinking what it was was that the drive was busy so it was waiting for it to be idle. Restores in the evening time went quite fast.