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0xe0008442 Oracle Linux Backup Fails

Hello friends,
I have a situation with the Oracle backups on a Linux server. The backup process fails with the following error:
V-79-57344-33858 - A memory allocation request failed. The computer May be running low on virtual memory.
I clarify that both the Backup Exec server (WS 2008) and the Oracle server (RedHat 6) have 5GB of RAM and 15GB of swap. So it seems weird to run out of virtual memory.
The version of Backup Exec server / client I am using is the 2014 14.2.1180.2621 FP-4
Can somebody help me?

Thank you so much!

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Re: 0xe0008442 Oracle Linux Backup Fails


Is this a new error that you have recently started seeing (meaning it has worked in the past), or is this the first time this backup type has been attempted?

You may want to check the staging location that Backup Exec is using to ensure there is enough free disk space on that volume. Go to Job Settings => Advanced Tab.  Ensure that the path defined is pointing to a drive with enough free space to accomodate the backup.

You should also check what the Logon account that the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the master server is using. It should be Local System.

Hope one of those suggestions helps.


Hello, thanks for

Hello, thanks for answering.
It is the first time you set up the backup, it never worked.
The drive has 1TB of disk space, so I do not think it's a problem of space.
I have configured all services as Local System.

Still, still generates the same error.