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Access is denied to Exchange Server backup

Level 2
Both my daily differential and weekly full backups are Failing with error e0008488 - Access is denied. I've isolated it down to the MS Exchange Information Store\First Storage Group Set. Here is the specific error entry in the Job Log:

V-79-57344-33928 - Access is denied.
Access denied to directory .
Access is denied to Remote Agent. Check the login account for the specified device.

It's a Dell SBS 2003 server, SP2, with Backup Exec 11d for SBS. Exchange server 2003. LTO2 tape drive.

Here is what I have tried:
- Checking the account the backup is running as. All my backups run as the "System Logon Account," which I have specified as a certain account with membership in the Administrators, Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins groups, as well as some other groups.
- Delegating this account "Exchange Full Administrator" control to the Exchange Organization.
- Turned on my logging to "Summary information and directories processed." I don't see any entries in the history about backing up individual mailboxes, much less any with errors. I suppose this is because version 11d doesn't do individual mailbox backups.
- AOFO is ON with "Automatically select open file technology"
- Process logical volumes for backup one at a time is turned ON
- "Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store Backups" is ON
- Circular logging is OFF

Is this a basic permissions error? How can I narrow it down further, what else can I turn on or off to isolate the problem?

Level 3
Try running the job to disk without verify (as a test) I believe there is an issue with the way BE verifies the individual mailbox backups. If that works then at least you'll know that your permissions are OK and can focus on Backup Exec stuff.

Level 6
Do you have SP1 for Exchange 2003?

Level 2
It is Exchange Server 2003 SP2. I'll try splitting off the Exchange backup into its own job.

Level 3
to my it happened to me the same thing and it was because the bill with the one which toward the backup the hidden taenia in the list of addresses.
In all ways it takes a look to:

Level 2
I ran LiveUpdate until there were no updates left. I put the Exchange backup in its own job. Same error, it stops with a permissions error and gives up before backing up anything. But when I turned off "enable restore of individual messages" both in the Job Properties and in the Backup Exec options, the backup works fine. It sounds like there is some individual message or mailbox which it is not able to access. However the logging or individual mailbox selection is not as good as back in version 9 so I can't identify where the permissions are not sufficient. I am just going to leave that option turned off, unless anyone can think of something else to try. Thanks.