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B2D incremental restore is requesting a tape instead of just doing from Disk

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Let me begin with explaining how the schedule is setup for JOB1  for October - November 

1 full B2D once per month   RAN on the 10th of October

Daily incremental B2D with retention of 30 days Ran from 11th up to today 

1 Full to TAPE a week  Last Ran on 29th of October

The issue i noticed is this : 

Restore from the incremental of B2D from the 31st of October , after 10 minutes of starting the restore and reading from the dedup disk gives the request for a TAPE to be inserted instead of just doing the whole restore from B2D.


What am I doing wrong? Clearly it should just look at B2D and not my TAPE

All the above 3 schedule jobs are under 1 backup job 


Employee Accredited Certified

You should  be duplicating a full on disk to tape and not send the full straight to tape - the incremental chain is depending on the last full so when you try to restore it will ask for the tape containing that last full (this is assuming you are selecting restore from a point in time,  and not restore from a backup set)

thank you