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BE : How to create a report with the Backup Selection?

Level 1


Previously with an older version of BE, when we edit a Backup Job Selection and validate, it create an HTML Report with all the details of the job selection and options, I can print or save where I want.

Now with BE'15, how can I have this type of report? I need especially a report with the Selection for my Dayli Backup job for example.

I have searched in the custom report but have found nothing.

Thanks and sincerely.



Level 5

Let's see if this works for you, under custom reports, Select a Job History Group Category. You should see Server, Resource Name, Directories and Job Name. You can set filters for the actual job name you are looking for. Hopefully that helps some.


If the report mentioned above doesn't give you the information you want, you could also set the  level in the Job Log to something that could be useful (for instance: Summary Information, directories, and files processed). This is set in Configuration and Settings | Backup Exec Setting|Job Logs. Then after the job is run you could get the  information from the job log in the "Backup Set Detail  Information" section of the job log.

Just a thought.

Employee Accredited Certified

Just a word of caution - we do not recommend leaving detail levels enabled permanently against job logs as it can create very large logs which slow backup operations down and cause disk space issues. This setting also causes issues if you every have to work with tech support as it results in very large evidence gathers and in some cases inability to review the job logs at all due to their size.


As such the increased logging levels should only be used for one off activities and not left on maximum detail.