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BE16, fail to create backup job for new app server

Level 2

Trying to backup a new aplication server. I have tried various strategies for installing agent for windows, uninstalling, restarting app and backup server. I am pretty new to backup exec so my skills and knowledge are limited.

The issue i run into is when i try and create a new job - i can pick the server in question from the list of servers. then i click backup under the backup tab, then backup to disk. when the backup definition properties screen comes up, it never shows the windows directory so i can pick what sets actually gets backed up. it just spins.

The server in question is Server 2016 VM. The backup server is Server 2012, also on a VM. as far as i know, all the permissions are correct, the backup exec service account is a local admin on the new server, and in the backup operators group.

I have tried pushing the agent for windows from backup exec and installing manually. Both give me issues trying to "etablish connection". I let it sit for a couple days and backup exec did an auto-discover type function and found the new server by itself - with this strategy i didnt have the issue with establishing connection, but the icon in the list of servers looks different then the rest of my VM's, so i feel this wasnt the correct strategy.

It is certainly possible that i have done the basic stuff wrong - installing the agent itself, or some other part of the process.

if i start with the VM host, then create a new backup job and point at this specific VM, that seems to work. however that is not how the rest of the VM's appear to be getting backued up (those were setup by someone else) so i would like to remain consistent.

Any help is appreciated. Hopefully i have provided all the pertinent info to allow people to help. Thanks!


Level 2

not sure where the title of my post came from, its not relevent.

Edit: fixed the title