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Backup Exec 11d/Server 2003 failing with 0xe0008445

I've seen an number of posts with this error, and I believe it's occuring because an error received previously is waiting on a response and the job times out.  The previous error is an ODBC access error "possible lost connection to the database or unsuccessful access to catalog index in the database".  We haven't made any changes lately to our catalog/database, so perhaps I just need to delete the catalog and let it rebuild itself, but I'd like to set it so that the job doesn't terminate when the error goes unacknowledged.  Unfortunately, when I select "Configure Alert Categories" on the Alert tab, the "Automatically clear alter after XX minutes." selection is grayed out.  Any ideas how I can enable it?

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Perhaps I asked my question

Perhaps I asked my question too soon.  Another thread seemed to indicate that I can't automatically acknowledge errors, so I probably need to figure out my catalog database error.  I'm not getting this error on all jobs, just those that write to a particular backup-to-disk device (my other backup-to-disk device jobs are working fine.)  Any T/Sing suggestions, or should I just delete & rebuild the catalog per Solution C of this article:

I should probably add that the catalog is on a drive that is internal to the backup server.


There is no harm trying to

There is no harm trying to create a new catalog directory.