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Backup Exec 12.5 restore is not progressing

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We are trying to restore an old backup image from year 2011. we have imported the tape to library with option "Auto inventory after the inventory", But when we are triggering the restore it's not progressing. When i selected the backup window as till today i can see another image on tape for diffrent server and date.

I have attached the screenshot of backup images.


Can someone please help me on this, how can i restore the old image from 2011.




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If you can see another image it's possible the tape has been overwritten (or you have conflicting tape names in your environment)


Note an inventory job only identifies the tape - it does not look up what is on the taoe - so what you are seeing is because your media server already has records of what is on the tape via stored catalogs. To confirm what is on a tape you run catalog job after the inventory jobs. If the catalog job is successful and it still shows the wrong data for restore on the tape then that is what is probably on that tape and not what you were looking for.