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Backup Exec 12 - Corrupt Lotus Notes Calendar Items

Level 3
I am using Backup Exec 12 to backup our Exchange server and I am getting messages that the backup of the item is bad.  I checked the log and it appears to only be calendar items with client of ours.

I checked Symantec's solutions and they seem to only have solutions for Backup Exec 10 or older.  One of them has you editing the registry to not return a failure for corrupt messages and the other recommends removing an MS patch (KB931832) both of which I feel aren't really going to solve my issue.   I also checked this out as well

When it happens it happens until the message is removed and the backups complete successfully but as soon as a calendar item comes in from the Lotus notes user we get failures.  It only happens with these particular senders and aside from that the backups run fine.

File is corrupt        : \\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\user [user].Top of Information Store.Calendar.Invitation: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

File is corrupt        : \\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\user [user].Top of Information Store.Inbox.Accepted: ???????????????/???????????

NOTE: ? = characters in the subject line

Software we are running:

Outlook 2003
Microsoft Exchange 2003
Backup Exec 12
Windows Server 2003

All are up to date on updates as well, also our company is strictly Outlook.

Should I be looking more in the direction of Symantec or the interaction of Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes?  Is this a common issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.