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Backup Exec 15 Disaster Recovery Documentation

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I am looking for Backup Exec 15 documenation and guides on proper or best practice DR backup and recovery.  Specifically some documentation on using the SDR disk .iso to boot to a server and recover and how that product works.  I can find some setup information for it but not sure what it does, how it works, or if it is the solution that I am looking for right now.  I need to test my new backups with this software in an isolated environment to make sure they all work and I am having issues finding proper documentation that is not too vague.  I have looked online through Veritas' website and some links come up empty just when I think I found what I am looking for. 

One question about the SDR recovery image, can it be used to choose which server that you wish to recover once you boot to it?  Or is is a disk to recover only one server at a time?   This link,, is the one I was using and as you can tell, some documents are missing from it.  

Thanks in advance.


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For SDR information, you can take a look at

and the Admin Guide.

There is also a video in the Video section of this forum which shows a SDR recovery.  It will be listed for BE 2012, but it is still relevant.

You only need 1 SDR for all your servers, unless that server needs drivers which are not included in the SDR recovery disk.  To know which driver is needed, but not included, you would have to do an actual recovery of your server.