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SSR 2011 won't boot after Upgrade to Win 10 from Win 7,

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I was happily running Win 7, with the normal upgrades, since 2012 when I got my Dell Precision Tower. But, I was now looking for a software upgrade for my new printer and foolishly believed MS who wrote that all my software and hardware would work under Win 10. The online upgrade to Win 10 from the MS website was smooth, except I lost all use of more than $5,000 of music hardware and software - checked discussions boards and found that no upgrades to  Win 10 existed for these things.I went in to reverse back to my Win 7 just 3 days after the Win upgrade, which Win 10 promised to keep available for 10 days. Gone. Program stated that needed files had been erased.

Fortunately, I thought, I had backed up my Win 7 C: drive with SSR 2011 before the so-called upgrade. I have SSR 2011 backups going as far back as 2012, and many in between. I have reinstalled from one or more of these quite a number of times with no issues. Now my SSR 2011 recovery disk won't boot.

I downloaded from Dell my original (apparently not) Win 7 ISO and created a bootable USB. This did boot and did install a clean version of Win 7. But, my SSR 2011 disk still won't boot. I've run all the upgrades on this but still won't boot.

I spoke with a friend who manages IT for a medium size corp, and he said the problem was, first, that the Dell ISO was not my original, that it was fully brought up-to-date., and, second, that my BIOS had been rewritten. If so, then I'd like to reinstall what I had before this disaster struck. My objective is get to something installed such that I can boot the SSR 2011 recovery disk and reinstall as everything was working just fine before I descended into the Win 10 flames.

Any suggestions? Would a new retail Win 7 package with a product key take me back? Any suggestions about a BIOS flash program that would take it back?




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Sorry to replying to myself, but I should have mentioned that the SSR 2011 Mangement Solutions disk won't boot either. So, I can't install SSR 2011 on the new Win 7 that I am now running.

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when you are saying your SSR is not booting?that means there is an issue with the SSR itself, as you need to be able to boot from SSR and do the recovery (if you have access to backup files).
can you mention what is the error you are facing?
also mention where you are trying to restore your backup to.(same client) or a different location.

Thanks for your reply. What I mean is that SSR 2011 is goes into the "loading Windows files" mode, and never gets done. Also, I have two original SSR 2011 recovery disks, and four bit-for-bit backup disks made with diskcopy. All have been tested in the past and all worked fine. My backup files have been fine as I have reinstalled this system several times in the past when I did something or other that didn't work and was very hard to reverse. This is an install on at the same machine. I have replaced my 250 GB solid state drives with 2 TB SSDs , but I get the same error when I put the 250's back in. I do have access to the backup files as I regularly backup to separate harddrives, and not to drive C, in fact I have access to about 6 backups from different times going back to 2012 - I'd take any of them, now.