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Backup Exec 15 creates many BKF files

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I started to uset he BE15 for backup to the network share (QNAP NAS).


It works OK, but it creates many BKF files just under the folder, it even did not create any folder (like with the date of backups,...) so it means, if I am doing backup every day, I have one folder with hundreds of BKF files (4GB,...)


do you have any idea how to sort it out, please?


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BE created BKF when backed up to disk. Can you try the restore from BE to an alternate location. That would help you to undertand how BE reads the data from these BKfs and then restores your data.

To give you some more insight, the retention time set in the backup job defines how long these BKFs will remain. After the backup set expires, BE deletes these BKFs. During the backup, BE maintains what it is backing up and time etc. in metadata files of backup called catalogs. Every backup set creates a catalog file (which is an XML and FH file ) which helps BE to maintain a record of what was backed up, when and on which media. So if you want to know what all bkfs were used by the backup set, you can enable ShowHiddenMedia from BE registry (Then reopen the console and check details of backup set (C drive, any resource backup set and it will list the group of media used for that backup set)

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There is no way to either put different jobs in appropriately named folders or to name the BKF files in a similar way, although you can make them bigger than 4GB by changing the settings against the disk storage device inside Backup Exec

If you want to know which media was used by which job, look at the details inside the job logs or look at the file dates of the BKFs (if you only run one job per day) or use Gurv's suggestion with ShowHiddenMedia