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Backup Exec 16 - How to change server name

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If you try to change the computer name where Backup Exec 16 is installed, and then you reboot and try to open the BE16 console, you will see an error that mistakenly tells you the services need to be restarted:

This error message is wrong, it's just that it's trying to use the old server name and is failing.

Also note that after the server name change, not only does the BE16 management console not open, but also the background backup services in general are now broken. No scheduled backup jobs will run until you fix this problem.


Fortunately I have found an easy and fairly effortless and painless solution.

1. Find your Backup Exec 16 installation media, and run the Server installer. 

2. When it loads, one of the options is to "Repair an existing server" ... select this and continue.

Wait for this to grind its way along by itself for 10-20 minutes... and it should complete without any errors.

And now the Backup Exec 16 management console should work normally.


A followup reboot is not required by the repair installer, but may be a good idea.


I have done this with a standalone server with its own internal deduplication RAID array.

I have not tested this solution with a larger multi-server installation, that has separate media server(s)..


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You should follow up the server name change by changing the server name in BE using BEUtility which can be found in the BE installation directory. It is a lot easier than your method.

I tried that. It didn't work. I tried a whole bunch of different "solutions" from the Veritas knowledgebase and none of them worked. I even tried renaming it back to the original server name and it still would not work, displaying the error mesage at the top of my first post..

The repair install using the install media fixed all the problems magically without me needing to do anything else.


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Were you unable to get into the console post the promted service restart ? It’s quite strange. The series of events that get triggered post a server rename are -
1) catalog migration under new server name gets triggered. BEDB tables get updated with new server name
2) If you got dedupe jobs running with client side then the client receives a newservername.cfg and a service restart is prompted.

When repair is triggered the services are stopped, the files in BE are checked, check the registry, a few sql related scripts will run which also run when server rename is triggered and the services are restarted.

It’s good it was taken care off by repair but would have also helped to understand if it was just a timing issue.