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Backup Exec 2016 Cloud Storage

Level 4

I'm trying to setup BAckup Exec 2016 Cloud Storage and after I select Azure and the Logon Account I receive the message BEMSDK Failure Code E0009B3F.  I have not been able to find any information on this error.  Any help would be appreciated.


Level 6

Ensure that the time on the media server is correct based on the region you selecting for Azure.

That BEMSDK code is generallly the time difference, wrong storage account, or wrong  Primary access key.


How to Configure the Backup Exec Cloud Connector for Microsoft Azure


Configuring Azure targets in Backup Exec 16

ususally firewall blocking the traffic, set Azure, Amazon, or google s3 to your firewall exclusion list. 

After we configued firewall setting, everything is working fine now.  especially your firewall has DIP-SSL.  

Level 4

Hi Mike915,

Where you able to resolve your issue? 

I am experiencing the same getting nowhere. :(