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Backup Exec DLM logs not working; old Items in HP storeonce store

Level 3

 CASO envrioment 

Each caso has few bacup exec servers say BE1, BE2 and BE3

All these servers connected to HP Store Once Catalyst Stores 

Each Store once have multiple catalyst sotres defined for example HP storeonce 1. as 4 stores A,B,C,D; 

 Backexec server BE1, is connected to store once1A, 1B; BE server 2 connected to  Storeonce1C,1D and likewise; none of the BE server connected to the same Catalyst store; 

This lets us get some good dedupe 

I notice 2 issues.

>  Lot of expired backups in one of the CASO; when you go to media and backup sets; I can really old data saying expired; does that mean this data is still in the store once applaince and occupying space; I know this could be due to a reg setting which seem to have stopped DLM from working; if I enable it again, would it eat a lot of CPU cycle or would it be pretty quick  



> The other major issue is total amount of data on Store once catalyst store does not match up; we have items listed in store once repo from many years back although retention is only set for 4 weeks  

> Also I have been advised that these store once Catalyst stores were targets of different version of BE as we upgraded the versions over the years and  the store once devices had some backups from older version of BE (I was told data format and deletion of data was different is older version of Backup Exec ); so I have been advised to connect the same storeonce store 1A for example to another test BE server and do a inventory and catalog as this will list the historical backups and we can then manually expire all that data; the only issue I have with this approach if this is going to cause any issue with the running on existing backup as the other instance of BE would be pointing to the same store.  

Any guidence would be great

CPU/Mem and disk utilzation on all the BE servers is pretty low event during the backups

We keep getting the store error during backup jobs and I think this is due to Storeonce applaince showing it to be almost full although the BE connected to Catalsyst store show it to have a lot of free space when we check via the BE interface > Storage option