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Backup Exec & IBM LTO7 Hardware Ecnryption Support

Level 5

We are using BackupExec 14 on W2012 R2 Along with IBM LTO7 Standalone Tape Drive. (6160H7S)

Is hardware encryption supported?

From teh BackupExec > Storage Setting , I see following ...

no encrypt for be 2014.PNG


Level 6

Yes, all LTO drives of generation 4 and up support hardware encryption.

If this tape drive was in a robotic library, the first thing to check would be the encryption options within the library itself.  Some libraries ship with application managed hardware encryption disabled by default.

But, since you stated that this was a stand-alone drive, my best guess would be that the tape drive driver is interfering.  If the IBM driver is being used, I would suggest removing that IBM driver and just using the default Microsoft driver.