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Backup Exec no longer sending smtp job notifications since upgrade fro BE2010 SP3

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Hi Guys

Been pulling my hair out over this. Ive double and triple checked my settings, and theyre exactly the same as what they used to be, but since upgrading to BE16 from BE2010 SP3, I am no longer receiving job notifications via email. There are no errors I can see, and when I use the send test option after configuring the user details, nothing ever comes through. Has anyone else experienced this issue?





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is your server , beside backupexec, able to send out mails?

did you test sending mails through telnet? is this working?

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We did change how we send SMTP at some point after Backup Exec 2010 R3.

This change was because at some point prior to this, the SMTP standard for authenticated login was changed and the older version of Backupo Exec couild only send authenticated SMTP connections to e-maill systems that still allowed the old connection standard.

As you were  working and now do not seem to be it might be that Backup Exec is now using the newer authenticated SMTP standard but your SMTP connector is not - are you using an old mail server application or some kind of SMTP relay application that is also old technology?

Hi Colin

All Im doing is going into the Config and settings -> Alerts and notifications -> Email and Text notifications, and then entering the recipient and smtp details there. Im not sure about what server mail application or relay you are refering to.


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OK so in the same settings you define a mail server

That mail server either runs an actual e-mail application or is some form of relay where it handles your request to send e-mail by repeating it onto another mail server somewhere else.


Either way the applications on the device that you enter as a mail server must support the newer types of mail (SMTP) authentication (BE 2010 sent using the old method, BE 16 will send using the new method) - as such it is possible that if that server runs older mail technology (mail server application or mail relay application) that it will be the problem.

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You have to enable the notification in each individual job, the server won't just send messages. Check your mail server too!

I also wrote a digest script, since 2010 and 2012+ are so different on how they handle jobs and job notifications. Here's the link if it helps: