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Backup Exec "Test Run Failed" 12.5 on 2003 SBS Server (New Install)

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Hello everyone!


I am a newb to Backup Exec, so I decided to uninstall and re-install the whole setup here on my server.

When I run a Test Run, it fails within 1 minute for the following reason given to me under the Job History.

Error category: Job Errors

Error: e0008703 - Job failed running its test run. See logfile for details. For additional information regarding t his error refer to link V-79-57344-34563


But I've been running the real job now for about a half hour and it seems to be working fine.

Should I expect this to fail as well?

Any help would be great.

I will answer any questions you might have to help support my issue.


To give you an idea of what I've done, I setup a simple back-up selection list and a Removable device media set - the job is run for now just to test. Eventually I would like to duplicate a succesful job and create one for each day of the business week.

Anyone have any ideas as far as why the test run would fail, and do you think that the actual job will fail. So far so good / 350 MB/min w/ 25:24 and counting.


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Thank you for your response, I have looked into the Advanced Open File option and have now turned this feature on "Automatic"

I indicated the version in the subject line, 12.5, Revision is 2213.

I will run another back-up and let you know the results, I appreciate the help! :)

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I made the changes and selected the AOF, however the same files were skipped in the back-up last night.

I have the AOF setup to automatic, should I configure a more specific setting for "Windows 2003 Small Business Server"


Let me know please & thank you.

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No. There is no special setting for Server 2003.SBE.

The files skipped are not important so if I were you I would not be too worried about them.  However, skipping them causes your job to be unsuccessful and may also cause some other serious errors not to be noticed.

I would suggest that you log a case with Symantec for them to take a look at this problem.

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smiley Success !!!! I wanted to let everyone know that helped me, I have 100% Successful Job Backup !!!!!!

I am so very appreciative of every single one of you guys that helped me with this !!!!!!

May you be so kind to help me with my LAST concern? yes


I would like to use this job to backup each day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

I would like to keep the backup information for at least a month or two without losing it, can someone explain to me the next step here? cheeky