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Backup Exec "unable to delete the disk storage" - Catastrophic Failure

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Hello All,

I am having an issue where my backups start but never run because of an issue with the disk storage. When I try to remove the disk storage I receive the error "Unable to delete the disk storage. Catastrophic failure" This has been on going for the past 5 months and happens randomly.

I have opened 4 previous cases with Vertias support, each time support removes the disk manually through either SQL DB management or command line, yet the issue returns days, weeks or months later. Case numbers are 21655318,21660298,21527170,2153353.

Anyone know how to fix this and have it stop reoccuring? 




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Hi, I'm sorry your having this issue. Most of us here do not have access to support cases, so I will try and help with what you posted.

Do you only get the error when deleting the Disk Storage? Have you tried to put your Disk Storage on a different server (UNC). This may help to determine if it's something local or remote.

If you google search the error that you posted "Unable to delete the disk storage. Catastrophic failure" you can find some other posts on the subject that may help.

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Which version of Backup Exec are you using ?

Does the folder contain any backup sets ? Are there any files in the folder when viewed via WIndows Explorer?

Are any  jobs targeting the disk storage device ?

Is the folder itself on a local or remote system?


Also curious as to why you want to delete the disk device frequently. Please don't get offended, I'm sure you have valid reasons, I'm just curious.


Hello DarthBilly, Thanks for the response, Yes I do receive this error only whenever trying to delete the storage, sadly I cannot put the storage on another server we only have 1 BE sever for our small environment and it is direct attached.

Yes I googled the error and found the solution the Veritas technician used to remove the storage here:  but the issue will return in days, weeks or months and I cannot keep deleting the storage in order for my backups to run there has to be another solution to resolve this reoccurring problem.

Hopsnbarley, to answer your questions, I currently am running BE 15 version 14.2 rev 1180. The folder does contain backupsets when explored using windows explorer. No I moved all the jobs off the disk to attempt to delete the disk.

As for why I am trying to delete the disk, this is the only way to get the backups running again as there is an issue with BE starting a job but just sitting there saying its active and queued and never actually does anything.

The other main error I receive is as follows and this is from the exisiting drive I need to delete.

“Backup Exec attempted to automatically reconfigure the newly discovered disk storage devise for use, but the reconfiguration failed with the following error:

This Volume cannot be configured as a disk storage because the folder is already being used for another disk storage device. Delete the other disk storage device if you want to configure the volume locally.”

I am looking for a permanent solution for these jobs to run properly other than deleting the disk as the problem will reoccur.

A couple of more questions. I'm just trying to understand the environment a bit better. Was this version of Backup Exec a new install to this system, or was it an upgrade from an older version ?

You mentioned that there are BKF files in the folder when viewed through Windows Explorer, are they visible within Backup Exec as Backup Sets  (if so, when is the "Expiration Time, or are they "Expired")

Is the backup to disk device your using on a removable USB hard drive ? 

What is the free capacity of the volume that the disk device is located on?

In the past,when you managed to remove the Backup to Disk Device, did you manually delete anything from the folder itself via Windows Explorer?

It might help if you could attach a screen shot of the Disk Storage Details (from within Backup Exec).



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What is the device that the disk storage is residing on? Is it a supported device?

Hello Hopsnbarley

This was an upgrade from 14 but the problem was occurring before the upgrade. I expected the upgrade to resolve the issue but it did not.

All the backups are visible within BE as backup sets all are expired and now deleted.

The disk I am using and having the issue with is direct attached, but I do have a number of external drives I use to take offsite copies.

I have 14TB free out of 14TB.

No nothing was deleted with Windows explorer as far as I know.

I just deleted the disk with SQL management studio following the instructions here: as I need to have working backups this weekend.

The issue will occur again within a few days, weeks or months. How can I stop this from reoccurring?

Ok, just so its clear in my head, the physical drive that stores the Backup to Disk device never leaves the system ?  

Or does it periodically get removed and taken off site and one of your other disks get installed?

Hi Hopysnbarley, the problem drive is a physical drive that never leaves the system. The external USB drives are used for offsite backups only but these do not cause the issue. 

 Have you noticed any events in the System Event Viewer when your in the state where you can't delete the Backup to Disk device ?  Its strange that this one device has the issue and you have others that work fine.

The only other thing I can think of doing is to run the Backup Exec Debugging tool when your getting the error when you try to delete the device. Maybe it will show what is causing the issue. I'm thinking it has to be something specific to your environment, but not sure at this point what it would be.

The debugging utility is called SGMON. Here is a tech note that describes how to use it.