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Backup Properties - Unable to view local shares

Level 2

I have a server that can't view it's local backup property shares. I triple checked the account used for the credentials which are all correct. This account is also successfully backing up other servers. Oddly enough it's backing up its self but can not view or edit any of the shares.The account is also allowed to run as a service.

When I run the credential test it hangs up and my only option is to cancel the test.

Now I have another backup exec server which backs up this server and it's shares and that server as well can not view the shares nor back it up. Any suggestions would be greatful.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Is the option to view shares enabled ? (Click on the BE button - Configuration & Settings - Backup Exec Settings - Network & Security - Enable selection of user shares)

Are you able to access the shares via the UNC path from that server ?

Lastly, is the Remote Agent service running under the Local System Account ?

Level 2

1. Just enabled that option, double checked the shares same issue. 

2. Yes.

3. Yes.