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BackupExec 2012 with Tandberg Autoloader

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Hi All,

We are having a problem with our BE 2012 on Win server 2008 R2 Standard server. We are using Tandberg autoloader on SAS connection.We run Differential jobs between Monday to Thursday and Full jobs on Friday.

Now problem is when we run differential and full jobs after we add a tape in to one of the magzine if we don't import the tape manually from BE 2012. When job starts it keeps looking for the media and job dont start backing up.


But if we add a tape in to one of the magzine and click on import the job runs perfectly fine. I want to know why this is happening, Shouldn't it dectect or pick the available tape automatically.

Current version of BE2012 is SP3.

Medium Changer Device is -- Unknown Medium Changer in Device Manager

Tape Drive -- HP LTo Ultrium 5 with Symantec Corporation driver.

Hope any one can help.


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Hello Umar, when you insert media into a robotic library, you must create an import storage operation job. The import storage operation updates the Backup Exec database with the information about the meida. The good part about it is that you can schedule the Import operation. 
Here's what the Admin Guide states: The import storage operation supports robotic libraries with portals. When this storage operation job runs, Backup Exec checks the selected slots for media. If media is found, it is exported to the portals. After all of the media is exported, you are prompted to insert new media into the portal so it can be imported. This process continues until all of the requested media have been imported into the robotic library. 
Backup Exec 2012 Administrators Guide:
About Importing Media:

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Hi Sidd,

Thanks for your reply. Problem is I logged this with Symantec tech support and they was saying we shouldn't have to import it every day.

Also the Schedule option is limited only allow you to Run now with no recurring or Run on the following date.

If there is a way to set it to run on Monday to Friday that will be brilliant.




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It would appear that you are putting your new tape into the mail or I/O slot.  Try putting it into a slot other than the one that you normally use, then right-click on your library and do an inventory.  See whether you can see the tape in the BE console. Let me know the result.

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Yes when we run inventory or Import it shows which slot has the tape. Problem is if we put a tape in any slot and don't run inventory or import when job starts why its not picking up tape automatically.

Partner    VIP    Accredited're expecting the autoloader to recognise a tape like a stand-alone Ultrium drive does. Fact is that it doesn't.

Unless you're using a mailslot that's been configured in the autoloader (in which case you'd use the Import job), BE is not aware that an available tape has been installed into the magazine. Only an Inventory/Scan (if you have bar codes on the tapes) job makes BE aware of this allowing the job to continue.


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Hi CraigV,

Yes its correct because we use to have single LTO2 tapes which scans automatically. But its clear now that we have to inventory or import with autoloader.

Yes all the tapes has the bar code and they are assosicated with different Media set.

Not sure what you mean by Mailslot?

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A mailslot is configurable on some autoloaders and libraries, and is basically a slot that you can put a tape into. The old HP StorageWorks G2 autoloaders could do this in a front slot that slid open; a lot of the newer autoloaders/libraries allow a slot inside the unit to house a tape that gets imported. In this case, BE knows that this particular slot contains a tape that can be imported.

Check your documentation from your vendor to see if your autoloader has this functionality.


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Hello Umar, regarding not being able to schedule an Import Operation(with the Recurrence feature).. Will it be possible for you to post a screenshot of the Import > Schedule page? 
I tried to check it in our lab enironment but here we make use of Simulated Tape Libraries(STL's) which does not have an Import option. 
I've checked with some of our senior engineers and they confirmed that it can be scheduled. 


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I too have a Tandberg autoloader.  I've created an import job for each slot that I've scheduled to run prior to starting the backup.


Here are the steps I need to do to create a scheduled Import Job.

Up Front Info:

     Backup Exec 2010

     Tandberg Ultrium 4


Under Devices

    Expand Server Name

    Expand Device Name (In my case it's LTO4)

    Click on the slot that needs to be inventoried

    In the RIGHT window pane right click on the Slot Number

    From the drop down list choose Import

    In the Import Properties you have the option to schedule this job to recurr.


It's VERY IMPORTANT to click on the Slot Number in the window on the right NOT in the Device List.


Hope this helps.


PS  I was hoping that there would be an auto-import option in the Job properties.  Oh well.