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Backupexec 10.0+ backup sets dont show up.

Level 3
Hi, i have a rather odd problem.

I do a normal B2D with linked job to duplicate to tape. The problem is that when i need to do a manual duplicate of a newly B2D job, i cant find the backup set.

The job states that the "media" named B000001271 is used, but when i use the duplicate job feature, i cant find the B000001271 in the backup set list. The newest set is several weeks old. But if i choose to duplicate using resource i can browse down to the list and there it shows up. Problem is that i have a LOT of servers, so its a no no situation.

This is a big problem since i need the possibility to make a manual duplication from time time.

I hope someone can help me, since im start loosing my sanity.



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Peter Stenstrom

Level 3
Ive been reading many posts here in the forum, still no luck.

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Peter Stenstrom

Level 3
Some more info.

Today i ran 3 concurrent backups, and then duplicated them to tape (using linked jobs), worked flawless.

But i also want to do a manual duplicate one more time, using the "retry job now" feature. But keep getting the error:

Job name : _DMZ-_MultiBackup-Duplicate Backup ExportJob type : DuplicateJob status : FailedJob log : Server name : OFFBUP01Selection list name : Duplicate Backup Sets 00183
Device name : Target name : HP Robot Media set name : Tape_Export
Error category : Job ErrorsError : e00081d2 - The script associated with this job contained no valid selections.

When pushing the job log button i get: The job log for this job may not be generated

Someone must have stumbled over this?!

Calling Veritas support is a joke, after being in phoneque for 45min and then talking to a person who hardly speak english, and then get the advice to check my cable connection, and call back if that didnt solve the problem.

Anyway, a few more days of this, and we switch to HP DataProtector unless this is solved.


Level 6
I have had mixed results with "retry" duplicates, some have worked, and some have given similar errors as in your post. With the daily hotfix and MP upgrades, it's hard to pin down legitimate bugs vs. user error on my part. I don't do manual duplicates on a regular basis.

In looking at your first post regarding performing a manual duplicate of an entire set- I think the key to this working would be if you are using unique 'Family Names' when you define your backup jobs. (this is found in the job properties under device & media) By default, Backup exec uses the Date & time the set is created, and this name remains valid as long as data can be appended, which can mean you have several days worth of backups in one family. My guess is that you want to manually duplicate one day's worth, not several days.
If you where define individual jobs with common Family names (like "Monday backup" or something) then your manual duplication could select "Monday backup" in the Restore resource list and all the servers you defined would get duplicated.
I think you'd really need to do some major tweaking to get Family Names, Media Sets, & Policies all working in synergy to get this right, but it seems possible.

-just my 2 cents

Level 3
Any luck with this yet?

I am having the same problem, except for me only the Netware resouces I backup are missing from the dup backup sets. The Windows resouces I backup are there.

Both Windows and Netware resources are there for the Backup to disk.


Level 3
Thanx for the reply Ray.

The problem is that i have several subnets included in the same job, and each net has its different selection lists. Im using a policy with Full Disk, Inc Disk, Full Dup (link), Inc Dup (link) and Full Export (link). All these jobs under the same template, and then scheduled to run Mon - Sun on diff times, depending on job. I also use the default setting under each B2D device, meaning 1GB for each "virtual tape" created.
If i was to name each job to Mon-Sun regarding each Subnet and job, i would create a total of 7 (Mon-Sun) * 15 (each job using a unique template) = 75 concurrent jobs. I believe thats a bit much ...i might be wrong.. but anyway.

There must be another way to solve this.



Level 6
Peter- you wouldn't need to create seperate jobs, but you would need to create more policies (one policy for each day- assuming you want to manually dup a complete day's worth of backups).
I ask you to please try this:
1.)Create a test policy.
2.) Create a backup template similar to a normal Inc Disk template, with the exception to label the Family Name "TEST_DUP". This is found in the Device & Media section of the template.
3.) select some diverse selection lists to run against the policy.
4.) Run the job.

When all the jobs complete, go through the method of manually duplicating and make the selection by viewing by media. You should be able to seelct one box- "test_Dup" and this will contain all the diverse backups you just performed.
If there is more than one box labeled "test_dup", then your B2D settings are set for more than one concurrent operation, which is a variable you'll need to contend with.

Isn't this what you would like? One box to check to duplicate a diverse (multi-client) backup selection?

If I'm way off, -sorry.

Level 6
Have you tried an inventory, catalçog of the tape and then configure the duplicate job?

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