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CASO Model

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Looking for some information.

We are moving all of our BExec 2014 installations to a per TB model with a central CASO server. This will manage all sites globally.

However we havre a requirement for our EMEA offices to also manage just their servers. Is there a mdoel where head office (US) can manage all servers globally, and our EMEA head office manage all servers in EMEA (without seeing anything outside that zone)?


Does a primary and secondary model exist, or can we set permissions on the main CASO?




Employee Accredited Certified

You can configire CASO so that it can monitor locally created jobs but the job themselves are created on the MBE/MMS servers.

In fact you can always create jobs locally on the MBE/MMS servers, whether or not the CASO will monitor them is down to other settings.

EDIT: if you have multiple MBE/MMS servers in EMEA you would have to individually manage jobs on each server, there is no (for want of a better term) Grandfather-Father-Offspring heiarchy as we only have a 2 level model not a 3 level model


You do also have to think about where catalog filees are stored (especially if WAN links are involved), you might also need to be aware that if thw WAN link fails then jobs may stop running until the link is restored, so CASO may not be the best model if you have unreliable WAN links