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CPS and encrypted files

Level 3

After solving my problem with compressed files I now seem to have a stable running CPS. My only warning in the pair log is now:

"One or more necrypted files were found by job 'Jobname' on source computer 'computername' during replication. These files will not be replicated."

Why not? Why is it CPS do not back up encrypted files?

I'm considering if I still have to run the backup to tape on the original source server instead of running it on the replicate created by CPS to be sure to have backup of all files.



Level 4

Level 3

Thanks, that answers part of my question - it's not supported. I just don't understand why not? What's the technical limitation that gives this limitation?



Level 6
Hi Kaj,

We do apologize for the delay in response.

The feature suggested by you would require adding a new mode of replication to the product:"synchronization on

demand", in which the journal writer driver would accept

EFS-encrypted source files for journaling, and would make

entries for such files in the journal whenever the files

were changed by user-mode applications.

These new journal entries would then be interpreted by

the source-side dynamic journal pre-processor in the

RxService that the file should be FOT'ed to the target (or

better, it would pass the filename to the Sync Manager for

synchronization and let the SM decide whether FOT or

region analysis would be the best way of doing so).

This code is not in the product at this time and would

perhaps be an ambitious undertaking at this point in the

Cougar (CPSCrete) development cycle.

You may visit our enhancement site and log a request for this:

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Swati Joshi