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Cannot view backup sets on restore wizard

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After upgrading veritas 21.1 to 21.2 I faced this problem.
When I want to restore a database, On restore wizard, I cannot see any files to restore in the selection panel. although backup was successful.





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do you see the set in the storage where it was backed up. Can you try to restore from there ? when is the latest backup run for the SQL resource ? Is it an agent based backup or virtual machine based backup ? Are the newer backups showing up in restore ? Does it help if BE services are restarted and then restore is checked  ?

yes, backup exists on storage. in the picture that I attached you can see our backup farm that consists of many management backup servers and a CASO. yes, I can restore it. we use a windows-based agent. in terms of your answer about "Are the newer backups showing up in restore", newer backups and older backups do not exist. for more, we create a new job on the local server storage, the problem existed for this new job, too. we restarted our farm but it didn't help.


Can you share some more info about the SQL version?
As you have a CASO environment; on which server did you create the job (CAS or MBES) and on which server did the job run on?
Have you checked if you can see the resource on the CAS server itself?
To confirm that we understand your latest reply correct; if you go via the storage then you can select and successfully restore your SQL data?

Veritas SQL Verison is 2016

It doesn't matter which server creates backup jobs or runs them, We tested it, on all servers we have this problem. for more information we can say in this farm we have more than 3 Backup management servers and one CAS, on the older version of the management backup we can see backup sets but on the updated server we can see backup sets on restore wizard but the backup was successful and create a valid backup sets that we can see them on the media.


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not sure what exactly may be causing this. Can you open a tech support case for this issue ?
Share a screenshot of the backup selections if possible. For a test , if you install BE on a new server with 21.2 , does this new BE server backup of that resource show the same problem ? 
BE 21.4 is available as well, would you patch it on CAS and test the backup there and see if it helps ? ( BE 21.4 download link (sign in to download))