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Cannot working with USB device

Level 1

I am using Backup Exec 14; OS: Windows Server 2012. Jobs are backed up to a USB drive.
A few days ago the jobs stopped running They are started and remain in the QUEUED state.
I can see My device and I can stop and start it. I can also look at the list of backup sets on the disk. However, kits with expired shelf life are flagged, but not removed.
I also ran the b2dtest utility.exe on this USB device. All tests passed normally (PASSED).
Using the beutility utility.exe I also checked the database and ran the error correction procedure. The utility did not find any errors.
Errors with the Backup Exec source are logged in the event log:

There was an error during B2D command processing.
Changer: CreatePath() CreateDirectory1 failed (\\?). Error=123

ID: 58053
Backup Exec Alert: Storage error
(Server: "SRV-IL") Backup Exec cannot initialize the BACKUP3 [FIXEDB2DDevice 1.00] device (Unspecified error).

The inability to work with USB coincided with the addition of the Hyper-V role to the server. However, I do not see a logical connection between this action and the unavailability of the USB device. I can install and work normally with other USB devices designed for backup.