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Catalogue Reporting from Backup Exec 12.5

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Hello time-travelers,
No it's not 2010. No need to adjust your clocks.

What's the easiest way to run a discovery report on the Backup Exec 12.5 catalogue please?
Are there any native or 3rd party tools that could help the discovery?

Looking for simple information about:
* Names of clients with valid backup images in the catalogue.
* Date ranges of valid backup images in the catalogue.
* Any data restores performed in last 2 years.

We have a legacy Backup Exec 12.5 platform running on Server 2003 that's been sitting idle for a number of years.
The last backup image was created about 2 years ago, so it definitely has valid images.

We have finally decided to decommission the old platform, but our Risk team wants to know what data is still being held on backups before they'll sign off on the "early" destruction.

Thanks in advance for any advice.