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Change Service account for disabled user

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A colleague recently upgraded BE from 16 to 20. Everything was running fine until he left and his account was disabled. Jobs then started to fail. 

I have had a look and BE is running under his account. My guess is at some point during the upgrade, credentials must have been asked for and miss-understanding the prompt he entered his. As he was a sysadmin he would have had access to all the bits required for this to not flag up as an issue.

I originally setup this install of BE (then 16) with a service account specifically for BE and I would like to re-instate this. Looking at the following article ( I need to use the utility, I can't just change in services? The only problem being I need the old credentials to change, which I don’t have, as he has left.

Before I go poking about and potentially breaking things, can someone advise on the best remedial action? For now, I have re-enabled his account and added the required security groups but this is only temporary until I can switch back to the service account.

We currently have two servers in a CASO setup, with the issue on both of them.



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You can change the service account in services.msc manually. But BEutility.exe makes things easier.

Enable the old account, change the details, and then disable the account.

Otherwise simply rename that account to what you want it to be, reset the password and then use BEutility.exe to change the BESA password too.