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Client-side deduplication is enabled but could not be used

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We blew away our old inadequate drive space and created a new BE server from scratch.   Same OS and server software, same IP address, same name.   Same install options and patch levels.  All we added was more memory and drive space and installed everything fresh again.  Re-added the server to the domain etc..

All backups worked prior to the upgrade.  They all work after the upgrade but now all systems give the same error:


BackupClient-side deduplication is enabled for this job, but it could not be used.  Please check this link for additional information:

I have gone through the small handfull of posts and documents but nothing has made a difference.  The server shows direct access properties and sharing is good.  All tests complete with success.  I went so far as to uninstall ALL the agents, reboot all servers including the backup server and re-install the agent and add the systems back to backup exec many times.   I've tried uninstalling the agent and pushing the agent out and the same thing occurs.

Does anyone know what might cause ALL systems to have this error and prevent them all from working with client-side deduplication after a backup server rebuild when they worked prior to the rebuild?


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what is the OS of your backupserver? is it physical or virtual?

your deduplication storage, is that local disk or an diskstorage device?

what OS are the client-servers? physical or virtual?

is the agent installed on client servers?

dd you allready restarted the services of BE?



Thanks for the reply.  

No idea what fixed it but all of a sudden after a couple days all systems magically stopped generating the client-side deduplication exception.

I didn't change anything since creating this thread, appears it fixed itself.