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DLO Agent workaround on Outlook 2010 64 bits

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Hi all,

I have a problem with a customer, this problem do not have solution in the actual version and was confirmed to me that comes solved in 2012 version.

I was adviced the Beta product and I will test it.

So, I init this discussion searching a workaround.

The scenario is the following BE 2010 with DLO. The problem is with DLO agent 2010, Windows 7 64 bits and Otulook 2010 64 bits. When the system start, the Outlook sent a message about that there aren't a default mail client. This message appears when you try to open outlook, if you uninstall DLO agent the system works fine.

Well, as workaround we uncheck all items under Options in the profile. But this create another problem, it is that the other users, when try to open a PST it is blocked. The outlook sent a message that the pst is busy by another application.

Any knows a valid workaround to solve this while we waiting the 2012 version is launched?




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I created a simple program that the user can click on whn trying to open Outlook. It is the best fix and our clients love it. It is a whole lot better than telling them they have to shut down their computers if the exit out of outlook and want to reopen outlook.

(Program should be attached)


Best of Luck,

Luke H. 

Konicom Inc.