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Device Error


I started my back-up job today. After around 3 hours this error popped up

Event id: 34113

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: ''Communited03'') (Job: "Dagelijkse Backup")
Dagelijkse backup -- The job failed with the following error:
The device cannot be found.

For more information Click the following link:

I've tried a diffrend tape but that didn't seems to work. Same error occured. Is there a problem with my back-up unit, Is it my software? 

Kind regards,

Tim Ververs
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Device Error

Hi Tim,

It seems to be an hw error. Can device manager see your backup unit?
Did you try a server reboot?
May be your scsi card or tape drive have problems



I concur

Dear Tim, I agree with JoaoMatos that this appears to be a hardware issue.  A reboot might fix it.  If you have a utility like HP Storageworks you might test out your tape drive there.  You might need to re-apply the driver to your tape drive with the backupexec wizard.


Sorry for my late response, I've called the company where i bought my back-upunit, They sended a guy who looked at my unit. He said there was an update with service pack 4 or something. Yes i have reboot my server. Didn't updated the service pack tho. But another guy will check for the hardware first... Cause i don't really trust it. Thanks for the responses, I'll keep you up to date