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Enterprise Vault backup

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I need some guidance in regards to the following setup.

We have a W2012R2 cluster with Enterprise Vault v11 and use a SQL 2008 database server managed by service provider. The service provider is using NetBackup v7.6 to backup the SQL database whereas we are using BackupExec 2015 to backup the Enterprise Vault servers. The service provider will not accept that we are using our BackupExec server to backup the SQL DB. The BackupExec Remote Agent has been deployed to both cluster nodes and we have the licenses in place for Application and Database. The BackupExec job contains the cluster instance as well as the two nodes - all folders selected.

The advice that I have been given is that I don't need to use the trigger file as it is only applicable to the EV itself however I dont see that the archive bit is being cleared automatically by BackupExec. The Vault store reports the exact same number of total items as awaiting backup. The Vault store partitions is set to use the archive attribute.

Any ideas are more than welcome.

Thank you in advanced.