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Error - Mount failed


I´m facing some problems with Veritas Backup 9.0.

Always when i insert the previous TAPE on media i recieve the message

Job ended: Friday, April 01, 2011 at 5:22:44 PM
Completed status: Canceled
Final error code: 00000000 HEX
Final error description:
Final error category: Other Errors

So, if i run a LONG erase before this job, during the day, the backup runs fine!


- Overite Media
- FULL Backup

Windows 2003 server.


3 Replies

If you see the job completion

If you see the job completion status the jobs is been cancelled. When you insert the tape make sure yourespond to the alert with the correct option . Also check if the insert media alert is not configured to repsond automatically to cancell.

Also keep in mind when you insert a tape in drive to run a backup job , the tape should be overwritable i.e it should not be associated with any media set which does not allow overwrite or append .

Hi, RauhlG Yes it is been

Hi, RauhlG

Yes it is been cancelled.

Yes i respond the alert, where can i check for automatically cancell??


Go to Tools --> Alert

Go to Tools --> Alert Categories.