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Event ID 33808 An error occurred while processing a B2D command.

BackupExec 2010R2, Windows 2008 (64bit) SP2, backup destination DELL TL2000.

Backup job completes with successful status according to schedule.

No alerts or errors recorded within BackupExec, however each time when backup starts an application error is recorded in windows event log.

Event ID 33808

An error occurred while processing a B2D command.
spnRequest: Initialize() CreateFileMapping failed (SPN_DeviceMemory).  Error=5


I have 3 sites with same hardware, OS and backup configuration. However only one of the site is giving this error.

Please share if you can think of a solution for this error.

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THis generic KB article could

THis generic KB article could help you -


You say you are using a tape

You say you are using a tape library as target but this error seems to be related to backup2disk. Are any B2D folders configured under devices? If yes, are the accessible and online? 

Thank you , We don't have any

We don't have any B2D folders. I don't know why this error is here when tape is the destination.

The backups are working well without any errors.

Infact I have the same configuration with same hardware at a different site which is running without this error


Hi,   I'd always suggest



I'd always suggest updating with any available patches...this would be the first step in troubleshooting.