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Expiry and Retention


We have 10 week retention for our backup sets. We're getting warnings that space is low in the dedupe folder and backups are stalling. Looking in the Bin directory we have lots of files last modified in 2017. Can we just manually delete these files or is there a proper process?

Why are these files still there with that modified date anyway? Surely when a backup set expires or it's retention period is up, it's either deleted or overwritten?


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Re: Expiry and Retention

Please check whether backup sets are getting expired and deleted as per the retention setting you have configured (10 weeks) from the Backup Exec Interface. 

As it is Deduplication storage, there might be many old files which are still used as the reference points for the deduplicated data. Please do not delete any files manually from deduplication storage folders. It will make the storage inconsistent. 

If your storage space is limited and insufficient to keep 10 weeks backup sets, please reduce the backup retention period or add additional storage. Or you can manually expire less important backup sets through Backup Exec Interface.

Re: Expiry and Retention manual space reclamation within BE Dedupe.
Note: No file folder should be touched/deleted/moved out from within the dedupe folder. The data folder contains bin and bhd which stores the unique segments and hence they should not be touched.