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Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground


We’ve come a long way over the last couple of years in our journey to establish Backup Exec’s relevance in the cloud market. We recently announced partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and today, we are excited to announce our new integration with industry-leading software-defined storage solution – Veritas Access, designed to maximize customers’ workload performance, lower their operating costs and protect their data by leveraging Software-defined Storage (SDS) solutions over commodity x86 hardware – so customers adopting cloud-based architectures can fully realize the benefits of this SDS solution.

Veritas Access is a software-defined scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution for unstructured data that can be built on top of commodity hardware and/or cloud. It provides a high-performance storage backend for diverse primary and secondary workloads with resiliency, multi-protocol access, and ability to define movement of data to and from the multiple cloud platforms.Body-LTR-with-BE-and-Access.png

Veritas Access offers an AWS-compatible S3 protocol as object storage for Backup Exec. By embedding this capability directly into the backup workflow, Veritas improves user productivity and business agility. Inexpensive cloud target can easily replace aging tape libraries and provide a higher degree of availability for long-term data retention. This integration delivers key customer features such as:

  • Allowing customers to reduce on-premises storage costs while still being compliant with data retention requirements.
  • Help ensure long-term data retention (LTR)
  • Allowing customers to migrate workloads between on-premises and public cloud.
  • Eliminate the need for time- consuming tape management.
  • Providing a cost-effective secondary storage solution for backup data.

Our goal is to allow customers to safely adopt cloud and make the digital transformation with the cloud providers of their choice. Meeting this need is the foundation of Veritas’ strategy and Backup Exec helps deliver on that.

Bottom line: Veritas Access integration fulfils the needs of Backup Exec customers looking for a cost-effective solution for moving away from tape backups, yet retain the backed-up data for the long term.

This helps organizations achieve compliance objectives with an automated and resilient LTR alternative that reduces complexity of backup operations and eliminates need to maintain multiple legacy backup systems by intelligently tiering data storage to low cost commodity hardware or to the cloud.

This integration marks yet another important step along Backup Exec’ path to helping customers successfully migrate their data to the cloud and manage it. Check out the Backup Exec homepage and Access homepage for more information.

Look before you leap, and try before you buy. Both Backup Exec and Veritas Access are available for a free 60-day trial for sampling the benefits of SDS. Between these two offers, organizations can easily try cloud storage with little up-front risk.



What about licenses???? Does this integration needs any additional clients/options licenses?

Hi @SuperBackup - No additional license or option required to use Backup Exec with Access or any other cloud vendor including Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google, or any other S3-compatible cloud storage. 

Whether the cloud implementation demands protection of data to the cloud, in the cloud, from the cloud, or cloud-to-cloud in a multi-cloud environment, those capabilities are built into Backup Exec out of the box.


Thank you @VarunVerma. this is exactly what I wanted to hear. Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy