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Help with BE 2010 R3 VMWare Backup / Recovery

We are testing Backup Exec 2010 R3 in backing up our VMWare VCenter Server 5 environment. RAWS is installed in VCenter Server, in our selection list, BE detects all VMs on the VCenter Server.

Upon selecting each VM, only one VMDK file is showing up, backup jobs are running full backups with GRT disabled. Backup jobs complete successfully.

We are now testing restoration wherein we are failing as when the VMs are restored, both vmx and vmdk are showing. However, not all vmdk files would show, just one VMDK. Using VMWare Workstation to play the VMs using VMX but just getting the VM to power on and windows is loading files going in loop.

Haven't tried copying vmx and vmdk back to host VCenter server as we do not want to touch production. Any suggestions?



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...any dynamic disks in the

...any dynamic disks in the mix there? I suspect that BE doesn't back them up (in which case it wouldn't be the first vendor not to support that!).