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How should I be backing up BE 20.6 ?

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My 20.6 Backup Exec server is a Windows VM (2016) in a clustered Hyper-V (2016) installation, it runs a local SQL server and happily backs up all of the VMs in the HV environment and a number of other local phsycial Windows servers.

What type of backup should I be doing of the Backup Exec server itself, as I understand that it can back itself up, I want to ensure that we have a safe restore point of the server, should I ever need it, so that its recoverable in the event of a disaster/failure?

I have read a number of posts on the matter but most are more than several years old so I wondered if there any more recent best practice guidance...

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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All your data lies in the Data & Catalogs folders. You need this backed up, along with the System State and any installation files. This will allow you to restore BE back after installing it freshly on a server.