How to backup Oracle database with BE 2010?

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I need some advise from you here regarding BE2010 and the backup of oracle.

I've already deployed the oracle agent to my oracle server and now I need to ensure that I can do a proper back up,hence a restore.

Can you please advise the best procedures for configuring back up and restore for Oracle database, cause it seems that they differ from SQL backup where in SQL it detects the database but in oracle you don't see it.

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Here is some useful documents

Here is some useful documents regarding BE 2010 Oracle Agent

Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 Agent for Oracle on Windows or LINUX Servers


Currently the Backup Exec Oracle Agent doesn't support different versions of Oracle on the same server.

Also you can check out below link for more information on Oracle Agent

Please go through  BE Admin guide (Oracle Agent) for  basic & advanced configuration for Oracle agent