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IDR of main system + restore of SQL

Level 3
Hi there

I have two questions......

I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 running SQL 2008 Standard, Microsoft CRM 4 (Workgroup) backed up by Symantec Backup Exec 2010 with SQL 2008 Agent. Initially I was having a problem with a full system back then a Symantec Technician told me that one could not run the Advanced Open File system with an SQL backup and that the two backups had to be seperate. On advice from this site I created two jobs - first backing up the main system and files at 23:00hrs setup as an overwrite - the second backing up SQL components starting at 4:00hrs setup as an append on the same tape.

I let the system backup over a week both jobs completing without errors before attempting a full test IDR Disaster Recovery.

Before doing that I created two backups - first for main backup on one tape - second for SQL on another tape. I did this because my instinct told me not to trust the two Daily Backup's onto one tape. 

The first question is -

I inserted the tape with the latest corresponding DR and IDR.iso - during the restore process I selected the corect DR but the Disaster Recovery software spat the tape out everytime as if it could not find the main backup. In the end I resorted to the two emergency tapes. The main backup thankfully restored the major components back to its original state.....I suspect that the first backup has been overwritten?

The second question is -

When I came to reinstall the SQL components the restore fails everytime stating that an SQL Database cannot be restored unless it is in a single user mode. Before restoring I checked the SQL Management Console - the databases did not exist. However after the failed restore the respective SQL Databases magically appears as far as I can see intact.......any suggestions?


Level 6
Answer to your questions
1. When you are doing the restore using IDR you would have to locate the tape manually .. if the tape is overwritten then definately it cannot find the data and would fail . The 1st thing you need to check would be if the tape was overwritten or not ... yo can simply right click on the tape from the devices tab --in the restore view you can see the dates for the data which you have on the tape ...I personally dont use IDR much for restore I prefer manul restore .

Restore the master/model SQL databases manually
1. Copy/rename $4IDR files of master/model to MDF/LDF respectively.
2. Start the SQLServer service.
3. Restore the master/model backups manually