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Limitations of "Retry Only Failed Resources"

Level 2

While the introduction of the feature "Retry Only Failed Resources" did wake big hopes, the jump was a bit short to be useful.

Scenario 1: Backup to RDX media via iSCSI connection. Media gets disconnected randomly during a huge backup job (> 3TB). You see the only completed job is drive C: of the server with 100 GB, the remaining already backed up 2.8 TB from 3.1 are not listed, but consume space on media. If you do the Retry Only job, the already existing bkf-Files are not considered as already there (not verified and reused if OK, but also not deleted), so that the retry ends in disk full.

Scenario 2: Copy of backup job is setup to target the RDX media. Copy fails due to the same random disconnect - and there is no way to repeat/resume the job at all.

What I miss is a possibility to resume a failed job at the position, at which it did fail. Would be also useful to pause a running job, so if it takes a longer time than available without impacting the user experience, you could pause it during the business hours and resume it after business hours end.

And let us schedule a repeat not for "now" only, but at a set time, lets say 5 PM today (and the other scheduled jobs for the evening taking the repeat into consideration as parallel scheduled jobs are taken).

Best greetings from Germany