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Missing List items from Sharepoint Restore

Hello all,

I've been tasked with backing up/restoring data from a sharepoint 2013 farm and having issues with seeing the list items on restore. 

I've added the RAWS to the SQL box(2012 SQL/2008 server) and to the sharepoint box(2012 R2 server) and was able to add the farm with out issue and I can do a backup of the farm without any errors. The system logon account has DB_Owner to the DBs on SQL and has all admin rights under sharepoint. I've even tested with another account and get the same results. Also Instant GRT is enabled.

I did test this on a sandbox sharepoint but the main difference is, SQL is installed on the same box as sharepoint. I was able to backup the farm and see all list items and even restore single list items. 

I've talked with support and they where no help at all. Would anyone have any ideas on what I'm missing? If I've missed any information please let me know I should be able to provide. 


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Re: Missing List items from Sharepoint Restore


To get more clarity on the query, Are you able to restore the data and then the list items are not showing in the SharePoint portal or are you not able to see the data for restore in the Backup Exec restore selections?

Please post a screenshot which will help to figure out the issue.

Also if you can provide the case number which you have opened with Support that would help to get more information on the issue.




Re: Missing List items from Sharepoint Restore

For Prod: As I navigate to a single list item, the selection is empty. Other items do display(e.g. files such as docx/xlsx/aspx) but no list items.(see attachment prod.png) Screen shot only shows one example of list. All sites display none for list items.

For Sandbox: As I navigate to a single list item, everything shows as needed. I also did a test restore and it worked correctly from the Sandbox. (see attachment sand.png)

The original ticket I opened up was for adding the sharepoint farm. We where able to get the agents added and the farm added. I ran the full farm backup and noticed then that the list items were not showing. The tech told me that since other files (doc/xlsx/aspx) were showing then everything was working correctly. Currently I do not have an open ticket.

Re: Missing List items from Sharepoint Restore

Does the Advanced Open Files option need to be enabled to get the backup I'm looking for? When I tried this it seemed to lock up the SQL DB and disconnect/keep all Sharepoint Sites from loading. I ended up having to cancel the job.