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Moving DB, lost Backup Exec.

I have a number of small SQL Server Express setup's dotted around a number of servers, to make management easier and to get them under a non-administrator account I thought I would consolidate them to a single server.  After a quick search on the internet I found the documents I was looking for.

I ran BEUtility and selected my Media Server, then selected New BE DB Location and pointed it to me new SQL Express server (2012).  The new SQL Express server was set to allow the administrator account to create DB's etc.  BEU wasn't able to detect the SQL version from the registry, but then seemed to go through okay copying data and connecting etc.  But at the end it failed and wasn't able to restart the services.  Since I have tried to recover the database from backup and it still fails.  I have backup's of the MDF and LDF files, along with the BEDB.BAK file.  Neither SQL Express server seems to have a copy of the DB.  What is the best way to recover from this?


Thanks, AStaley

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Hi, I don't think that BE



I don't think that BE 2010 supports SQL Express 2012 on which to store the BEDB.

Rather stay with the version installed by BE 2010 itself, and locate on the media server...there is very little overhead involved with this.


EDIT: Just checked the BE 2010 SCL and SQL Express is not listed as being supported for the BEDB. SQL Express 2008 and SQL 2008 R2 are the latest versions.

Also whilst consolidation can

Also whilst consolidation can be a good thing we recommend that Backup Exec does not share an instance with any other (business critical) applications. So if you want them all on one server we would still recommend a separate instance.


What is the procedure for

What is the procedure for connecting to the original databse?  I've managed to restore the DB from the BEDB.bak file, but I can't connect to it.  If I try to change location I get a message that the DB already exists and is in use by another instance of BE.

You should have set BE back

You should have set BE back to thinking the database was back in the original instance and then used beutility to reload from backup. Not sure of best way to get back now

If I can restore the original

If I can restore the original SQL DB, why can't I simply un-install BE do a clean install and reconnect to the original DB?

...nothing stops you from

...nothing stops you from doing that as long as you have the bedb.bak file, or the live BEDB files.

What would be the correct

What would be the correct procedure for reloading Backup Exec and the BEDB.bak file?  Could a reload the SQL Express software, restore the bak file and then re-install Backup Exec pointing it to the restored DB.